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It was the best weekends! 

My mom and me decided to visit my aunt, 11 of June we did it! It was really the best eleven days of this summer!  My dear sisters,my friends was with me all days. I met some new people,not simple guys,this is very funny people!

We  had such awesome parties that our neighborhood couldn’t sleep all night:D We are young! And we can do such things!

Of course, Now I am sad,because my friends and sisters are far from me, I really miss them. This is the first time when I am sooo sad.It is strange,I think.But I know that I will come back there soon..I hope,they will wait for me and we will repeat our parties!



I was very happy there because my little sisters was with me. we сommunicate not very often so I really missed them all times when I was home.y sisters is my small children which trust me all their secrets. I love them and I am always ready to help them if they need it.We have good time together and It is really  important for me.I dream about new meeting with my girls.




My nature!

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There  is no more  beautiful nature than at home. My favourite place is my little town which situated not so far from big Moscow. Most part of my time I am in Moscow, a lot of very beautiful buildings,awesome squares, great towers there.There is so much museums and nice parks! But I always remember my homeplace with only four museums and without really sheen parks. I love my town not for shine or a chic, I admire it because there is wonderful nature! 

My heart is ready to escape from my breast, when I watch on sun’s shine between high trees, when I see unusual clouds in the sky. I want to scream How I am happy when I feel like the wind plays with my hairs.

All people know about great forests in Russia and I’d like to tell that our forests are really the most fantastic! I like to be in one of our forests, there is so much gorgeous trees here. My breathing stops when I sit and listen to singing of birds.

I fall in love in Russia, I gave my heart the beauty of nature and I am sure that all Russians love it so  strong as I am 🙂




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So…I decided that my favorite blog will be on English. I think this is  a good idea,because a lot of bloggers write their posts on this language, also It is a good practise:)